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Explore the fusion of research and visual storytelling at our feature gallery. Our mission is to uplift and revive the forgotten history of Appalachian women through collaborative artistry. Discover the final results of each southern Appalachian women’s project, beautifully captured through artistic photography. Each photograph is enriched by detailed research and captivating stories. Unveil the tales of these resilient women and their profound impact on Appalachian history right here. Below, you’ll find links to explore the diverse fields we delight in exploring through our work.

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Appalachian Literature

Explore photoshoots influenced by the vibrant characters found in Appalachian literature.


Here, we spotlight projects celebrating the diverse cultures and peoples of Appalachia.


Intriguing tales of women from the region highlight historical figures.

Natural History

Appalachia boasts a rich natural history, teeming with captivating flora, fauna, and environmental wonders.


Dive into the mountain's oral traditions with projects celebrating its myths, legends, and spectral tales.


Immerse yourself in the Southern Appalachians, delving into subjects ranging from the arts to religion and beyond.

Current Journal Entries

A Thank You to My Beloved Community

In a heartfelt recount of attending the Appalachian Studies Association conference amidst profound grief, a mother shares the painful yet transformative experience of losing her only son. Through encounters with poignant Bible verses, the wisdom of authors like Ron Rash, and the concept of “blood memory” explored by Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle, she finds solace and strength in her Appalachian community. This narrative captures a journey of resilience, the power of shared heritage, and the unspoken bonds of support that sustain us through our darkest times.

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Aidan Lee Hoglen-Sabrina Greene Photography-5

Aidan and the Roaring Balsams: A Mother’s Heart in the Wind

In “Aidan and the Roaring Balsams: A Mother’s Heart in the Wind,” a grieving mother shares her heart-wrenching journey through the loss of her son, Aidan. From the violent winds of the Balsams reflecting her tumultuous grief to the poignant memories and final farewells, this narrative explores the depths of maternal love, the struggle with unbearable loss, and the quest for solace in the wake of tragedy. Join her as she navigates through the painful aftermath, finds expression in writing, and pays tribute to a beloved son gone too soon.

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Two women in historical attire stand in a forest; one in a simple blue and white dress holding a cloth, and the other in an elegant burgundy gown, embodying a blend of Appalachian heritage and ethereal beauty.

Harvesting Memories: The Blackberry Gown and The Tall Woman

Explore Southern Appalachia’s heritage with the Blackberry Gown, a couture tribute rooted in cherished traditions and memories of blackberry picking. Created by Amanda Tweed for the Southern Appalachian Women project, this gown embodies the spirit of Appalachia and its enduring legacy. Join us in preserving these narratives through photography and support our journey to keep storytelling alive.

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A cowgirl in a denim jacket and helmet is riding a bucking bull in a rodeo arena, with her arm triumphantly raised, as spectators watch in the background under an American flag.

Riding High on Feminism: A Steer, A Girl, and Appalachian Grit

Discover Sabrina’s captivating account at the Madison County Rodeo, where an eleven-year-old’s bull riding ambition embodies the spirit of feminism amidst Appalachian traditions. Witness a community’s evolution through the lens of a photographer dedicated to celebrating the fearless women of the Appalachians. Join us for a story of courage, heritage, and the echoes of progress in the Southern mountains.

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